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I must say that this is one of my better investments! i survived exclusive pumping during the time when Aqish lived with mom because of this (ok, maybe due to motivation and willpower too).

It’s a no-brainer. i was a little nervous of its ‘handsfree’ gadgets but after sometime, man… it’s easy-pheasy.  and i can still wear my Premium Beautiful while pumping so that’s a plus.

Eh i thought i have more to say, but dah blur pulak. isk.. ok, i’ll get back to this later. ta’


June 22, 2011 at 4:51 pm 1 comment


After a year of having this blog baru la nak terhegeh2 nak add itu ini. and blom pass  pass jugak. pemaleh betul.



I’ll be leaving my current office this Thursday. Honestly i was very happy working here with the flexible working hours and i had the office Associate who i can seek for advise. and now she’s no longer here thus i feel like there is no point of staying as well.

I miss having personal assessment. honest. i need to know my performance. there is no salary adjustment, bonus nor appraisal made me feel lost. I want to be better so i need to berhijrah (again) to seek for a place that can provide better career development opportunity.

I have several interviews in line but I’ve already accepted offer to join Perunding Alam Bina. competitive salary, but who knows..


I’m thinking of being a freelance designer. nothing big, just pitching ideas to wedding planners on pelamin design. this is still in contemplative stage so i’ll keep you posted. ngeee..

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Ana Rafali / Premium Beautiful / Aqish


There is no link between all three subjects above.

Ana Rafali

She went to our house in Rawang last weekend. ok, maybe i forgot to mention that my brother, Eddy is one of her guitarists. They were on their way back from Frasier Hills last week so they drop by and say hello to mom.

I must say she is so cun! tak gemok whatsoever. i don’t know how she appear in tele like that (a bit chubby).


Premium Beautiful

I had really bad back pain that just won’t go away since the delivery. i went for massage almost every week but doesn’t really help.all i got was – “this is the side effect of the half body anesthetic.”  so last week i decided i wanted to try this premium beautiful corset as so many people raved about it. plus, i wanted to shed more inches off me so i thought i should give it a go.

first of all, it’s super comfy. i am surprise – coz corset is meant to be menyeksakan. first day- my body feels weird here and there.but on second day i was surprise that i could get up from bed straight away.

for the past 3 months i took 10 to 15 mins just to get up from bed because of the back pain. i have to turn from side to side and rub my back. it was that bad. so i was more than impressed when it took only 2 days to reduce most of the pain.

there are more stories on the health benefits i got so far. but they are a bit too gross to be published here :p

and i don’t really need to mention about the re-shaping. it was fantastic!  😀



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My baby is teething. we think so. she;s only 3 1/2 months old but we could see it emerging from her bottom gum. it’s just too earlyyyy!!! it breaks my heart to see her crying in pain. 😦

She was under mom’s care in Rawang for the past month. but mom’s day maid is now pregnant (and mabuk2) so she has to take care of Aqish alone. It was not an ideal situation, but man and i thought that we ought to find a nursery for Aqish. We finally agreed to send her to Bondamama.

She’s ok so far. the ‘teachers’ are so friendly and lemah lembut. Aqish seems happy too. (she hates her pead’s clinic) i just hope that things will go smoothly. i don’t think we have much choice. what i want is consistency for Aqish. it’s difficult to establish a routine when both of us (me and mom) has different set of rules. for example,  i am so clear on wanting Aqish to sleep in her cot while mom prefers to cuddle her to sleep in bed.

ok, enough for today i guess. 🙂

June 13, 2011 at 3:18 pm 2 comments

Extra Income?

Been talking about having extra income with Man lately.

Honestly, I am happy with my work. i’ve always been in the wrong office at the wrong time – i know but i love my job! but it seems now loving the job is not enough – we need side income.

i think my friends who are doing business are amazing. because i do not have any business bone in me. ilek! tarak! i can’t even tawar menawar kat pasar. i am that bad. hmph. i tried tho.

i guess i must really love doing that thing before i jump into the biz world (bukan memasak, definitely). hm.. i have to find that ‘thing’ first.

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Back in Office y’all!


I think i’ve cried buckets. Aqish (Aisha Balqis’ nickname) is left with mom at rawang. so basically we’re seeing her every other day since i’ve start working again.

I must say getting the ebm exclusively (when we’re away) needs serious motivation. with my work – which always involve moving around i’m constantly worrying on when and where to express them. and the possibility of a leakage. hence the dark clothings (nasib baik most of my clothes are dark coloured! )

Been thinking of using cloth diapers. but i guess we’ll wait in a month or two, just to let us some time to adjust to our new life arrangement. i’m not sure mom’s reaction to this, but to convince her to use the ebm ready stock took me a week. for some reason, her generation was convinced that formula milk is better. but Alhamdulillah, and with Aqish’s preference mom is now OK with the idea of using ebm.


need to see the budget first before getting the cloth diaper jugak~ lupa lak. hehe

May 12, 2011 at 5:15 pm 2 comments

caged animal, anybody?

do you notice that people (families, friends, neighbours makcik2) talk about just before you deliver is all about your vagina/uterus (those taboo area)?

it’s totally fine with me discussing with them (willingly), but i was kinda bothered when the men also talked about ‘owh… dia kene bedah sebab tak boleh bukak dah’ – OKKKKK…! enough already!

so hiding quietly at mom’s home is initially a good plan. i mean, i love it here. mom and the whole family have been really great.

but boy i was wrong about something else. sometimes i feel like i’m a caged animal, just had a baby in some foreign zoo. i mean, neighbours (that i don’t really know of) just hang around in my room just to look at me breastfeeding little Aisha. i mean, whyy???

the worst one was when i jumped out the shower to feed Aisha (just in kain batik- ala tarzan sungguh!) when these 2 ladies came in and stayed there for half an hr! come on… my hair is wet, i’m indecent and my boobies are out – why can’t you just wait outside just for a few mins till i’m done?

and no… all they did was to stare how i bf the kid. and bole pulak tanya…‘erm..bukan kene keringkan badan betul2 ke nanti luka bedah tu kene infection pulak?’ i gave no answer.

u’ve seen my boobies now u wanna see me dry the incision wound at my bikini line?


nasib baik mom came in and gave me a shawl n t shirt to cover myself.


March 21, 2011 at 2:40 pm 2 comments

She has arrived! Aisha Balqis

I’m a mom.

after 2+ weeks I still can’t believe that I am at a totally new phase in life. sometimes it still feels like I am dreaming.
I’m gaining more energy each day.. the earlier days after the delivery were really rough for me – physically and mentally.

i was mentally shaken by the fact of having an emergency cesarean delivery after hours of non-progress (was dilating but not effacing). at that time i was like, ‘crap – we did prepare the money for this but i never thought that i will ever have to go on this path.

then it was my disappointment (with myself) because i was so helpless – i can see Aisha crying but i can’t really get up without help.

Aisha Balqis.

but as all mom said, the best feeling is when you hear her first cry. i had a half body anesthetic so i could hear and see(almost) everything. too bad that my eyes are so rabun i can’t see her when the doc showed me my baby.

So far she’s been OK – but always cranky at night. i’m still mixing breastfeeding and formula milk (yeah, the med centre gave her formula!!!xyz) but she’s becoming less and less attached to the formula milk so that’s good news for me.

she’s so manja with mom- her Tok Mi. asal dengar suara tokmi sure nangis (mintak cuddle to sleep). we really need to fix this – can’t really afford to cuddle her for hours before she finally sleeps. aiyo..


Man, there is only 2 words to describe it :- Messy & Time-Consuming.  i mean, you’re are leaking in few places, at the same time need to pakai minyak, lotion, tungku, stoking etc etc. can’t wait till lochia is dried up.

Oja introduced me to Design Veronique – a garment something like a barut but specially made for c-sect recovery. it’s quite pricey so i just have to wear it every single day to the max! the only bugger is that i have to take it out and wear again each time i need the toilet. but the plus point would be it tucks the tummy in, my posture improved and my skin is OK with it. the real barut really needs to wait till the doc give her green light.

i gained weight like a champion during my pregnancy. now 12 kg is gone, i wonder how to get rid the other 8? (to pre-pregnancy weight) plus i need to shed tons more to really slim down. aiyoo… more thing to think about. shesshh… the akak yg datang urut said i still have water ponding in both legs – i supposed i just have to drink more to get rid of the water retention.

so what’s next? one of the thing i could think of is – i’m gonna work out my arms for the next pregnancy. i think i’ll just have another c-sect. and with stronger arms i guess it won’t be that difficult to get up post delivery.  :p

March 17, 2011 at 2:44 pm 1 comment

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